Arquitecturas Multi-Tenant

Las arquitecturas multi-tenant (multi-propietario) son cada vez más utilizadas entre los proveedores de SaaS (Software as a Service). En un entorno multi-tenant, todos los clientes y sus usuarios consumen el servicio desde la misma plataforma tecnológica, el intercambio de todos los componentes de la tecnología incluyendo el modelo de datos, servidores  y las capas de … Leer más

BI Tweets (Semana 2009-10-25) SQL Server, Project Gemini, Microsoft Power Pivot, SSAS, SSRS, Cloud Computing, SaaS, ETL, PerformancePoint

RT @pinaldave: #sqlauthority #sql SQL SERVER – Introduction to Business Intelligence – Important Terms & Def.. # RT @titokapotito: Project Gemini have a name now Microsoft Power Pivot # Microsoft offers second beta for Visual Studio Express # Project Gemini name officially revealed as Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel # … Leer más

BI Tweets (Semana 2009-10-11) Pentaho, LucidEra, SaaS, TIBCO

@pentaho has acquired Clearview from LucidEra, an improve in usability to analyze data #SaaS (via @darenasc) in reply to darenasc # DataCleaner is an Open Source application for profiling, validating and comparing data #DW #MDM #ETL # How Today’s Economy Affects Current and Future Trends # RT @julianhyde: Pentaho Analyzer: Pentaho today … Leer más

BI Tweets (Semana 2009-10-04) MDM, CIO, Google, SQL Server, SaaS, Oracle, MySQL, BIDS, Microstrategy, Excel, Dashboard

RT @tamaradull : SELECT SUM(blessings) FROM working_in_bi | Great blog post about BI industry # RT @BaselineConsult : Are Your Business Analysts Ready for BI and MDM? (featuring Evan Levy) | @ITBusinessEdge # CIO Priorities for 2010 – CIO Insight (via @PanoramaSW @CIOview ) # How to use a Google Spreadsheet as … Leer más

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